Stepping Out

You have no idea how much God can use you.

You can impact lives here on earth and for eternity.

Overseas missions trips are a great reminder of that.

Danny and I have taken many teams overseas to both Ukraine and Latvia. The message we hear over and over is how these trips have changed the lives of those who went with us.

Why is that?

There’s something about stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out.

Sure, there are a lot ministries we can–and should–do in the states but there’s just something about reaching out over the oceans, into a different culture, a different life experience. It ignites a passion for the gospel message like no other way.

Maybe it’s  because they’re more receptive. Some cultures are.

Maybe it’s seeing God work in and through your weakness and frailties.

Maybe it’s seeing what a difference you can make in the lives of people so unlike you.

Whatever it is, step out in it. It’s powerful.

There have been times my husband and I have gone to bed at the end of a day and said “Today was a good day. We put food in the mouths of orphans.”

What can he do through you? Who can you reach? What difference can you make?

Prayer matters

Prayer matters. It changes lives. It makes a difference whether or not we pray.

One scripture that speaks this truth so clearly to me is the passage with Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. As Jesus was preparing to enter a terrible time he asked his closest friends–Peter, John and James–to watch and pray.

Matt 26:38, 41 – “Then Jesus went with his followers to a place called Gethsemane. He said to them, “My heart is full of sorrow, to the point of death. Stay here and watch with me…Stay awake and pray for strength against temptation. The spirit wants to do what is right, but the body is weak.”

I’ve often wondered how things might have been different had the 3 disciples prayed instead of slept. Perhaps Peter would never have denied knowing the Lord. Maybe they would have been more of a support to him when he needed them the most.

How would our lives change if we prayed more? Sure, we’re busy and tired and stressed. There’s a lot on our plates. Prayer is not easy. It wouldn’t have been easy for these disciples either. But the Lord challenged them to pray. He knew the value of prayer and the difference makes.

How’s your prayer life? Do you spend time daily with the Lord? Or are you allowing the business of life to swallow up you prayer time?

Prayer not only makes a difference, it makes the difference. It changes perspectives. It empowers us. It changes lives. It gives us strength. It matters. Watch and pray.

Sufficient Grace

We have access to all the grace we need to meet whatever challenges we may face. We don’t need to wait for it, hope for it or even pray for it. We need to step out in it.

It’s available to us now.

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 1:3

Enough Said

Matt. 19:26

And looking at them Jesus said to them, ‘with people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Anyone who knows me knows how important prayer is in my life. Our prayers do matter. Whether or not we pray makes a difference, not just in our lives but often in the lives of countless others.

That said, it’s all about God. As powerful as our prayers are, it’s about him. Who is God? Either he is or he isn’t: He can or he can’t. He’s able or he’s not.

And guess what! He is. He’s able to not only answer our prayers, but to do more than we could ever ask or even imagine.

When we understand this, we can pray with confidence and assurance knowing that God is God. He is at work.

He is enough. His grace is enough. Our God is enough.

Lending to the Lord

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” (Proverbs 19:17)

Have you ever wondered how you can possibly lend to the God who created and owns everything? How can you lend to the owner? That’s exactly what this verse says. It seems impossible, at least to me.

The point here is that the Lord considers caring for those in need so important that he will be personally indebted to those who do it. He will reward them.

The bible is filled with examples of how God loves the orphan, the helpless, the hopeless and the poor. It is the very heart of God.

We certainly can’t fix them all. We can’t even reach them all. But we can reach one or two or maybe 1000. Who knows what God can do if we make ourselves available to him.

Reach out today; not just with your feelings. Do something. Ask God to show you how you can impact a life. God only knows how many lives will be touched and what rewards will await you.