Stepping Out

You have no idea how much God can use you.

You can impact lives here on earth and for eternity.

Overseas missions trips are a great reminder of that.

Danny and I have taken many teams overseas to both Ukraine and Latvia. The message we hear over and over is how these trips have changed the lives of those who went with us.

Why is that?

There’s something about stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out.

Sure, there are a lot ministries we can–and should–do in the states but there’s just something about reaching out over the oceans, into a different culture, a different life experience. It ignites a passion for the gospel message like no other way.

Maybe it’s  because they’re more receptive. Some cultures are.

Maybe it’s seeing God work in and through your weakness and frailties.

Maybe it’s seeing what a difference you can make in the lives of people so unlike you.

Whatever it is, step out in it. It’s powerful.

There have been times my husband and I have gone to bed at the end of a day and said “Today was a good day. We put food in the mouths of orphans.”

What can he do through you? Who can you reach? What difference can you make?

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