Only GOD can. But God CAN!

These 8 principles will transform your prayer life.

3 Crucial Steps to Prepare to Hear Holy Spirit's Voice

When was the last time you've personally heard from God? I don't mean in a vague, distant way; I mean personally. Do you hear the Lord speak to you? This should be commonplace both in our lives in Christ as well as when we pray. 

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This May Be Why You're Struggling to Hear God's Voice

Many people don't hear more from the Lord because they don't spend enough time in prayer and Bible reading. They just don't spend enough time with God! Think about it: How is it you recognize a person's voice? 

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Clear Signs God Is Saying Yes to Your Prayers

There have been times when He has spoken to me so clearly that to doubt would be sin. Sometimes He speaks to me through a verse in Scripture. It will almost literally jump through the pages at me. I remember one time when I sensed God was speaking...

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Ultimate Connection

We all long for a vibrant experiential relationship with God. Author Barb Ho offers 8 prayer principles that can transform any prayer life to experience the blessing and presence of God.

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New Kids Pray Book

Our kids face battles we never had to face. The worst possible scenario is for them to go through these battles alone. They don’t have to. Along with teaching 4-10 year-olds the blessings of prayer, Kids Pray is a great way to open dialogue between children and parents or even grandparents. It’s meant to be read together and should take no longer than 5 minutes.

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"There are so many books that impress, but so very few books that change. This small book makes a great difference, and in this is its greatest value. I decided to read one principle a day, but couldn’t help finishing it in a couple of days – like the ladies from my women’s home group to whom I left the book as a present before moving to a different town. 

This book is very special to me because while reading it I witnessed the greatest miracle in my life – two stripes on my pregnancy test after six years of marriage.
Barb, the truth that 'our prayers move the hands of God' will keep echoing in my heart forever."
Marina Rybachenko, Latvia

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