‘So That’ Living

By Barb Ho | February 27, 2015

We were made for a purpose. You were made for a purpose. God has intentions to use you in ways that no one else can be used. Everything you do, everyone you touch, every part of your life has been designed so that. You know who you know so that you can touch them in […]

Praying With Confidence

By Barb Ho | February 3, 2015

Do you know that you can have the same access to God’s throne room as Jesus did? As you pray, you can pray with confidence that he hears you and is listening to your prayers. Just as he listened to those our Lord prayed. Not only does he hear us when we pray, but the […]

Joy of the Lord

By Barb Ho | January 24, 2015

The bible teaches us that the joy of the Lord is our strength; but is it really? The simple truth is that faith and joy go hand in hand. As we walk in faith, we can be joyful in knowing that God is in control of whatever we’re experiencing. Our confidence should be grounded in […]

Our prayers move the hand of God

By Barb Ho | October 10, 2014

“As a teacher, I always ask my students to avoid clichés. But now I’m going to use one on purpose and I don’t care how many people have already said it before me and will say it after me (and I know there have been and will be a lot). This book is a blessing […]

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