Our prayers move the hand of God

“As a teacher, I always ask my students to avoid clichés. But now I’m going to use one on purpose and I don’t care how many people have already said it before me and will say it after me (and I know there have been and will be a lot). This book is a blessing – it has been such personally for me. There are so many books that impress, but so very few books that change. This small book makes a great difference, and in this is its greatest value. I decided to read one principle a day, but couldn’t help finishing it in a couple of days – like the ladies from my women’s home group to whom I left the book as a present before moving to a different town.
This book is very special to me because while reading it I witnessed the greatest miracle in my life – two stripes on my pregnancy test after six years of marriage.
Barb, the truth that ‘our prayers move the hands of God’ will keep echoing in my heart forever.”
-Marina Rybachenko, Latvia

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