I remember finding out after the fact that my oldest son had been bullied in junior high school. I had no idea while it was happening. How I wish I had known then and could have helped him get through this difficult time.

How in the world do we get our children to open up?

Relating their thoughts and feelings can be difficult and even scary. Some of their concerns may be:

  • What if my parents don’t understand?
  • What if my friends make fun of me for telling them?
  • What if telling them gets me in trouble?
  • Do they really care?

Often parents are busy and may not have the understanding or the time to pry thoughts and feelings out of these little ones.

Deep seated concerns can remain locked in the hearts and minds of those we love the most.

Prayer changes lives. Not only does it change who we are, but it also changes our world around us. It matters.  It makes a difference.

After writing my first book, Ultimate Connection, I was impressed with the desire to bring the awesome blessing of prayer into the lives of those most precious to us, our children.

Children today are being bombarded with messages of fear, anti-God, and identity confusion among others.

They may have to face battles we never had to face. The worst possible scenario is for them to go through these battles alone. They don’t have to. Not only do they have parents and grandparents to come alongside them, but they also have a loving savior God who is there with them every minute of every hour of every day.

Kids Pray emphasizes this message. Through these 40 devotionals  your children will not only learn how to share their thoughts and feelings with God in prayer, but how to open up to you too.

A few of the topics Kids Pray deals with are loneliness, fear, bullying, and rejection. As well as praying and dealing with some of their own struggles they’ll be challenged to reach out and pray for others.

Kids Pray is a tool every parent should have

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Available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. Release date: May 29, 2018

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